RAT’s at school

Hi everyone,

You may have heard the announcement today that schools are soon to be sent free RAT tests for symptomatic staff and students. These are for staff and students who are showing signs of illness. 

We will NOT be conducting the test on any of our students but as soon as we receive RAT tests we will offer parents and caregivers a test to take home when they come to collect their child.

A reminder that any symptomatic students will be sent home and they can not return until they are well (regardless of a negative RAT result). Please do not send sick children to school. 

If you have anyone in your home who tests positive for Covid everyone in the household must isolate for 7 days. If your workplace has deemed you an essential worker, your children are still unable to attend school and must stay home. Please let school know if you have a positive case in the home. We really appreciate the many school families doing this and who quickly come and  pick their children up as soon as a household member tests positive. 

Please remember that this is a difficult time for everyone and we are doing our very best to keep everyone safe at South School. Our team are working incredibly hard to provide quality learning and a safe environment for our students.  We do not deserve to be spoken to rudely or aggressively when following the Health Guidelines – this includes sending symptomatic students home. 

Let’s carry on working as a team to get through this as safely and positively as possible.