Te Puawai (Senior school closure)  until Monday the 11th of April

Te Puawai (Senior school closure) until Monday the 11th of April

Due to a number of positive cases in our senior team over the last 2 days we will be closing the senior hub for next week. It will re-open for onsite learning on Monday 11 April.  We have had multiple students come to school feeling well then experience headaches around tea time when they then test positive. 

Even though we have been following all the Covid protocols and our seniors are doing really well with mask wearing, this has not stopped this new chain of transmission. To stop this spread we need to create a break and limit any options for transmission.

We have asked all Te Puawai parents to come and collect their senior students and keep them home until Monday the 11th of April. 


Thank you for your support with this,


Caroline and the Te Puawai Team