2021 Free School Lunches

School Lunches for all children starts Wednesday 3 February
Children will still need to bring fruit and snacks for interval/brain food times.
Please note that the snack included in the menu is part of lunch.
There will be plenty for all!
Free School Lunches
Thank you to everyone who replied about specific dietary requirements for children.  Lunches will be supplied to meet these requirements.  We will have procedures in place to make sure children with dietary requirements receive the correct lunch.  
If your child has a special diet please email principal@dannevirkesouth.school.nz or text to 0275064862.
The menu will continue to be published so everyone knows what’s for lunch 2 weeks in advance.


Libelle Group Limited Supplier profile Tararua District Below is a link to the contractors facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lunchbylibelle