South School AgriKids

This year we had so many children wishing to enter the Regional Finals for the Agri-Kids that we had to hold a competition at school to decide on the top 8 teams that could go through.

These 8 teams competed in a range of different modules to try and get enough points to get them into the top 7 for the race-off.  This was going to be a huge achievement with 45 teams competing from all over the East Coast region.  Some of the modules included: putting a bridle together, assembling a gate, naming a range of farm items, dipping a sheep, sorting milk into categories, linking meat with the animal and also assembling.


2017 Race Off

Dannevirke South Shearers were one of the top 7 teams from the modules that made it through to the race-off.  They then had to compete against the other 7 teams in a race against time.  These students had to race one of their team members in a go-cart, complete a puzzle, name a range of towns and cities in New Zealand and also full up pipe with water that had holes all down the sides of it.
Well done to the Dannevirke South Shearers.  Not only did they make it into the Top 7 for the Race-off but they also got 3rd in that.  This has therefore secured them a place in the National Agri-Kids competition.
This year the Nationals are held in Feilding.  We are currently studying hard for this competition.

2016 National Finals

At the East Coast Regional Final, the ‘Dannevirke Drafters’ had to compete against 43 other teams.  They placed third, which secured them a place at the National Finals.  These finals were held in Timaru.

After the flight down to Christchurch we then hired a car and made it to Timaru, just in time to take part in the parade through the main street.

The following day began at 7am with a range of modules to compete at.  The students also had to sit an hour long test and complete an observation exercise.  Unfortunately our team did not make it through to the top 7 for the race off, but we were very proud of their efforts to make it this far.  A very good learning opportunity for the students involved.
One of our team members also won the Agri- Kid of the Year. A huge achievement that he should be very proud of.
​​Thank you very much to our sponsors who made this trip possible.
Our major sponsor was: ADB Williams Trust
Thanks also to: Dannevirke YFC, Farmlands, ANZ, Honda, Hewitt Motorcycles, Vet Services,
​CP Wool and Dannevirke Carriers.