South School Swimming Sports Year 4-8


All Year 6-8 students and only the Year 4-5 students who are entered in races will be attending our South School Swimming sports.  Students  will be transported to and from the pool by bus.

Departure time from School9.00 am.
Start time of events:  9.30 am
Lunch break: There will be a short lunch break of 30 minutes as near as possible to 12.30.

All children must stay in the pool complex, if weather allows we may have the break outside on the Domain grounds. 

Events start with heats and open timed finals, all other finals are after lunch.

Expected finish time2.30 pm +/-

Students are welcome to wear their House Colours (no face paint or vivid) or their school uniform.

Parents please ensure children who are swimming, have suitable warm clothing to put on between events.

Lunch will be provided but snacks and plenty of water to drink will be essential.  The pool canteen will not be open during the day.   As per school rules – no lollies are to be consumed by children.

Selection for Inter School Swimming Sports – students will be selected for the Inter School Swimming Sports based on the finals results at the school swimming sports.  The top 3 in each final will represent South School.  The Inter School Swimming Sports will be held on Wednesday 22 March.